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Vintage Air -- Compressors & Clutch Covers
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Sanden SD 508 Compressor
This compressor is recommended for all Vintage Air systems. It pumps 8.4 cubic inches per revolution with a maximum 6000 sustained RPM range. Fits all Vintage Air brackets.

Available in standard finish, polished or black urethane.

508 Compressor For HFC-134a
04808-VUA -- Double V groove pulley-standard finish
04808-VUQ -- Double V groove pulley-polished finish
04808-VUB -- Double V groove pulley-black finish
04808-VRA -- Double V groove pulley rear exit-standard finish
04808-VRQ -- Double V groove pulley rear exit-polished finish
04808-VRB -- Double V groove pulley rear exit-black finish
04808-VMA -- Multigroove pulley-standard finish
04808-VMQ -- Multigroove pulley-polished finish
04808-VMB -- Multigroove pulley-black finish
04808-MRA -- Multigroove pulley roar exit-standard finish
04808-MRQ -- Multigroove pulley rear exit-polished finish
04808-MRB -- Multigroove pulley rear exit-black finish
04808-SWA -- Single wide groove pulley-standard finish (3/4" Belt)
04808-SWQ -- Single wide groove pulley-polished finish (3/4" Belt)
04808-SWB -- Single wide groove pulley-black finish (3/4" Belt)

Aluminum Clutch Cover
Provides smooth detailed look on Sanden compressors

04400-VUQ -- Aluminum V-belt clutch cover, machined - V groove and Multi groove 508

04401-VUQ -- Aluminum V-belt clutch coven poshed - V groove and Multi groove 508
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