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Griffin Radiators - Street Rod Radiator
Griffin Radiator HP Series 1.25" tubes - Radiator pricing starts at $495

griffin radiator, griffin radiators, radiators

The Griffin Radiators PRO SERIES Griffin Radiator features standard core, serpentine fin, in-line tube construction, 1" tube diameter. The PRO SERIES appeals to the enthusiast whose cooling demands are important, but not critical.

The Griffin Radiators HP SERIES Griffin Radiator features a high efficiency core, serpentine fin, in-line tube, 1 1/4" tube diameter. The HP SERIES represents a high performance quality radiator that handles moderate to heavy cooling demands.

The Griffin Radiators HP MAX SERIES Griffin Radiator provides maximum cooling efficiency and features the PERFORMANCE heavy duty core with double louvered plate fin design, 1 1/2" tube diameter. The HP Max provides high end professional performance when cooling demands are critical. Most HP MAX SERIES radiators are special order only.

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1936 Ford - #4-536BX-AAA

1957-59 Ford

'55 Chevy cross flow
with dual fans
- 1.25" tubes
- V8 mount only

'55 Chevy cross flow
- 1.25" tubes


'33-34 Ford 1" tubes


'42-48 Ford 1" tubes


'40-41 Chevy 1.25" tubes

'37 Chevy 1.25" tubes

Griffin Universal Radiator
Mounting Brackets
Part# KD-00050
Griffin Billet Catch Can
Part# KM-101
Griffin Street Cap
Part# KM-70
Griffin Colored Caps
* Call for availability.
Griffin Universal Fan Brackets
Part# PF-BRKT1
Griffin Combination Units
*Call for available applications.

Enter High-Tech Aluminum Griffin Radiators

griffin radiator

Each Griffin aluminum radiator features die-formed heliarc welded tanks and oven-bonded cores engineered to suit a specific engine application. These units, many offered in both 1" tube and 1 1/2" tube versions, are light, highly efficient and dependable, and offer high-tech solutions to your cooling needs.

Nothing surpasses a Griffin aluminum radiator in quality, appearance and reliability.


Important Note: Each 1/2 tube loses 20% of its contact area due to the end radius. The lost fin contact area on each 1" tube is only 8% of its area.


radiator, griffin, radiatorThe Advantage of Griffin Radiators

Vacuum Brazed Cores vs. CAB Brazed Cores
The Vacuum Brazing process requires magnesium to braze. Magnesium is the alloy that gives aluminum its' strength. Magnesium is used in the aluminum alloys for aircraft frames and skin structures, along with the magnesium/aluminum alloys used in the structural components designed and used for automotive and truck chassis where high strength is a requirement.

The CAB Brazed radiator cores, don't have the equivalent strength as the Vacuum Brazed Radiator cores, as designed and manufactured by Griffin Thermal Products. Because of the absence of magnesium in the CAB Brazed radiator cores, these type of brazed cores can not withstand the same Thermal Load conditions or vibrations as the vacuum brazed radiator cores. Actual Thermal Load Cycle testing has clearly concluded tube to header failures in 50% of the CAB Brazed aluminum core vs. Vacuum Brazed.

Epoxy use Formed Tanks
Fabricated Tanks
Water Tube Thickness
Fin Thickness
The use of epoxy in Griffin Radiators is to strengthen the tube to header brazed joints, has been used for many years by the automotive and truck radiator manufacturers.

Designed by BF Goodrich for Ford Motor Co. and tested over 1 million miles on cross country Class A Trucks, the epoxy application was proven to give longer life to the radiator core.

The addition of epoxy at the tube to header joints, allows additional surface area, resulting in a stronger tube to header joint when compared to aluminum brazed radiators without the use of epoxy.
The Griffin Thermal Products aluminum radiators use aluminum formed tanks, which eliminates the need to tig weld the edges reducing fatigue failures from vibration.

Formed tanks allow the air at high speeds to flow more uniformly, reducing drag. The ribs in the tank provide strength and prevent aeration of the water, which causes cavitation in the water pump, and creates heat and reduces horsepower.

The aluminum formed tank also eliminates the need for welding at the right angle joints. The only welding required is at the tank to header area.

The weld joints within the tank to header area are reinforced by the header design that is equivalent to the same material thickness as the tank. Therefore, the actual tank to header weld joint is approximately two x's the thickness of the tank. This additional tank to header thickness reinforces the needed strength for higher pressure conditions.
The typical Griffin OEM aluminum brazed radiator uses a water tube thickness of 0.32mm and fin thickness of 0.08mm.

This aluminum radiator uses a water tube thickness of 0.40mm and a fin thickness of 0.127mm. These additional material thicknesses' used within the water tube and fin, allow for additional strength within the radiator for longer life and reliability.

In addition, the added material thickness within the water tube and fin, enhances the transfer characteristics within the Griffin Thermal Products aluminum radiators, when compared to many aluminum radiators that are available by the use of the typical aluminum radiator cores manufactured for the passenger car and light truck applications.

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